Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hillary: Obama's Domestic Incompetence Makes the World Still Hate Us

I don't recall the Democrats ever being concerned that their incessant Bush-bashing hurt our image internationally, though they were sure to remind us at every turn that the world hated us and The One's mere presence on the world stage would repair our image abroad.

So why is Hillary Clinton now moaning that domestic issues are hurting us?
Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is complaining that domestic political battles are hurting the president's foreign policy goals and damaging America's image abroad.

Clinton was testifying before a congressional committee Wednesay [sic] when she said fights between the White House and Congress had led to "gridlock" in appointing officials to critical positions, including those with key foreign policy and international assistance responsibilities. That has created confusion among friends and allies.
Last time I checked Democrats had free reign over everything in Washington up until Scott Brown showed up, and I'm not aware Brown has been blocking any appointments. It's not anyone's problem but Obama's that he's so damn incompetent. If there's a problem with his appointees, maybe he ought to start nominating people more in the mainstream rather than far left fringe types he's so fond of.

America's allies and enemies may not have always liked us but they at least respected us and in some cases feared us, which isn't a bad thing. Now they're just laughing at us, I guess. The bumbling idiocy of Obama and his Secretary of State have a lot to do with that.

Go take a look in the mirror, Mrs. Clinton.

In the meantime...

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