Monday, February 22, 2010

Ha Ha Ha: 'Warming to Bring Stronger Hurricanes'

This was the claim after Katrina and since that time we've seen nothing approaching the effects of that devastating hurricane. But that's not stopping the warmer alarmists from just making things up as they go along.
Top researchers now agree that the world is likely to get stronger but fewer hurricanes in the future because of global warming, seeming to settle a scientific debate on the subject. But they say there's not enough evidence yet to tell whether that effect has already begun.
So there's not enough evidence, yet it seems to settle the debate? What debate? Anyone who disagrees with the warmers is called a denier and a crank. A debate would actually involve these people presenting concrete evidence, not some half-baked theories they use to perpetuate this hoax.
Since just before Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana and Mississippi in 2005, dueling scientific papers have clashed about whether global warming is worsening hurricanes and will do so in the future. The new study seems to split the difference. A special World Meteorological Organization panel of 10 experts in both hurricanes and climate change — including leading scientists from both sides — came up with a consensus, which is published online Sunday in the journal Nature Geoscience.
Oh, so this is published in Nature Geoscience?

Well, well, well, isn't the timing of that impeccable? That's the same journal that had a paper on alleged sea level rise withdrawn. So let's forget about that and move on to another hoax. This report, naturally, omits that relevant fact.

Update: Via Gateway Pundit, here's video of Obama pushing the rising sea level hoax. Somehow I get the feeling Obama won't be retracting this nonsense.

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