Friday, February 26, 2010

Queen Nancy Answers Your Questions on Healthcare Legislation

I don't know which is creepier, the condescending smile which never leaves her face as she tells us that some government bureaucrat will decide which medical tests and procedures are necessary or her stance on a single payer system, which she admits she advocates for.

After the Democrats pathetic showing at yesterday's summit, in which all they seemed to want to do is tell one sob story after another without engaging in any sort substantive discussion of the issues, and the nuts and bolts of what this legislation actually does and doesn't do, and a meeting which was dominated by Obama taking up most of the time I guess she felt the need to actually try and answer some questions. Too bad they didn't do that yesterday.

After listening to the session yesterday, I came away with one thought. Let's scrap what they have done, break it down into small chunks and pass one piece at a time to see what works and what doesn't and get away from this idea of go big or go home. The only problem with that sort of thinking is that any government program once started is never stopped.

If I were the Democrats I would quit bringing up Medicare and Social Security as some sort of triumphal trophy since it is apparent to all Americans that those programs have now also outgrown their intended purposes and are saddling the workers and taxpayers with more and more debt and programs that most people under the age of 50 will never see a return on. They have turned into the black holes of government excess and inefficiency. It is time to scrap the programs designed and tailored to a generation of the 20th century and move into the 21st century.

The makeup of the country has changed mainly from one of large families with an agrarian and industrial base to one of information technology and small families. We now have fewer people paying into programs than we have receiving benefits and, in fact, one of the main arguments for the Dems plan is to force everybody to purchase health insurance to fund it, but as the Republicans pointed out yesterday there is some shady accounting in the bill which basically says some of the money paid for health insurance would be siphoned off to fund Social Security and Medicare. It all smacks of some sort illegal money laundering and Ponzi scheme type activity that put people like Bernie Madoff in jail.

Anyway, try not to pay attention to her sickly sweet, grandmotherly type smile as she explains why death panels are necessary and why the same folks who bring you such great services as the TSA and DMV will do a far better job making your healthcare decisions. Oh, and Nancy, how many of those industrialized countries with national healthcare plans are as big and diverse as America or have 300 million citizens? Maybe you ought to read a British newspaper from time to time or go visit the Canadian big wigs while they recover in our hospitals.

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