Friday, February 19, 2010

Obama Snubs Utah and Idaho With Home Stimulus Bribe

Hey, what's a Democrat to do when he can't bribe the lawmakers? Why try to bribe the voters, that's what.

Unless of course you happen to live in a state which ain't exactly in line with their line of thinking and probably not going to be able to be flipped into your column in the next election.

Barry O announced a $1.5 billion taxpayer funded bribe to some states to help with their housing foreclosures and looking at the list he was doing okay until I compared the list of states getting the money to the states that needed it and while he did get 4 out the top highest states as far a foreclosures right, he skipped over Utah and Idaho in favor of Michigan. The five targeted states Nevada, Arizona, California, Florida, and Michigan.

Only one reason I can think of for that.

From CNBC the top 10 states in foreclosures are:
1. Nevada
2. Arizona
3. California
4. Florida
5. Utah
6. Idaho
7. Michigan
8. Illinois
9. Oregon
10. Georgia

The governments first attempt at these so called mortgage modification loans was a miserable failure, so why not do some more of the same. Good luck to the taxpayers in these states actually getting a return on some of their tax dollars, and enjoy your present from the responsible citizens of this country.

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