Wednesday, June 30, 2010

'Al Gore is a Pervert and Sexual Predator'

Molly Hagerty is a brave woman for revealing her identity. Any moment now she should expect a broadside assault from the tolerant left who will do anything to destory her for accusing their hero of being a crazed sex poodle.
AL GORE SEX SCANDAL ACCUSER reveals shocking NEW EVIDENCE -- ONLY to the NATIONAL ENQUIRER in a bombshell world exclusive interview!

"AL GORE is a pervert and sexual predator," declares MOLLY HAGERTY, 54, the massage therapist who told Portland, Ore. police that the ex-VICE President sexually assaulted her.

"He's not what people think he is - he's a sick man!"

When the ENQUIRER first broke the world-exclusive story last week her name was withheld as the victim of a possible sex crime.

NOW, Hagerty has bravely gone public - AND on the record- only to The ENQUIRER - to demand police launch a full investigation.

"I want justice served," Hagerty said as she reveals the key witness who could blow the case wide open, the secret hotel video surveillance and the DNA evidence!
Bring it on.

Meanwhile, the lovely Andrea Tantaros, along with Susan Estrich, discussed the maniacal Gore last night on Hannity.

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