Monday, June 28, 2010

'Men Have Better Things To Do Than Sit Around and Gawk at Women All Day Long'

These women really don't understand us at all, do they?
Asbury Park, the Jersey Shore town made famous by Bruce Springsteen, may soon get another claim to fame - its very own topless beach.

"Baring your chest is really no big deal these days," said Reggie Flimlin, who asked the Asbury Park City Council to allow women to doff their bikini tops on a stretch of city beach.

"Why are women's rights still at the bottom of the totem pole in regards to female toplessness?" asked Flimlin, 48, who runs a yoga studio in the freewheeling town.

She said she and other women occasionally go topless on a secluded part of the beach, and aren't worried about what men think.

"Men have better things to do than sit around and gawk at women all day long," Flimlin said.
She's right in one respect. Some of us are subtle enough to peek from behind the shades.

But we do look, if only because we're always in search of that perfect pair.
Asbury Park officials are considering the idea - and a city council vote is set for July 7, Deputy Mayor John Loffredo said.

"Women in other parts of the world go to the beach topless," he said. "We think New Jersey women are just as beautiful as any women anywhere in the world."
True that. But let's just hope this little piggy isn't seen topless.

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