Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hundreds of Raging Tea Party Rioters Arrested

Having sack and pillaged their way across the fruited plain, raucous and angry so-called "Tea Partiers" have now spread their mayhem across the border into Canada. They should consider taking a cue from their peaceful, non-violent friends on the left as to how to properly demonstrate with dignity and civility.
Police said they were preparing for more disruptions Sunday after groups of protesters burned cars, hurled bricks and smashed windows as they tried to penetrate the fence surrounding the G-20 summit.

"I do not believe that the individuals bent on vandalism and violence in our city have finished with their intent, so we will remain vigilant," Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair said Saturday night.

More than 300 people were arrested Saturday
, and 412 have been arrested since June 18, said Jillian Van Acker, spokeswoman for the Integrated Security Unit. There were no reports of serious injuries to either protesters or police, she said.

Blair told reporters that packs of disruptive demonstrators infiltrated peaceful protests in order to cause chaos and distract police.

"These criminals rely on the anonymity of hiding in a larger group of the curious and the naive," he said.

At least four police cars went up in flames and smoke during hours of confrontation.

Protesters left behind broken windows and graffiti. Blair said police used tear gas after warning a group of protesters "engaged in acts of destruction" Saturday.
Security estimates hover around $1 billion in Canada.

So what does the media fret about there? Why civil liberties, of course.

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