Friday, June 25, 2010

Don't Miss the G20 Feminist Picnic

Surely a fun time to be had by all. I never knew those womenfolk had it so rough up in Canada.
Because women, children, and trans people bear the brunt of violence, war, racism, colonialism, ageism, economic inequality, and climate degradation. The G8/G20 as an organization profits from and proliferates all of these problems.

Because Indigenous women are disproportionately victimized, incarcerated, and denied basic rights in Canada and across the world.

Because women and their families are displaced by war, by privatization and climate disasters caused by government and corporate
, and are forced to migrate with their families to survive and
thrive, only to be faced with criminalization and racism in Canada.
If you manage to miss this eevnt, you can always catch up later at the Shout Out for Global Justice gathering.

I'm sure they'll find something to complain about. Meanwhile, on SUnday there'll be a Make Believe Tea Party.
The make believe tea party is meant to be an autonomous medium risk action that can happen simultaneously throughout the G20 Demo on Sunday afternoon at around 3:33 pm.

The burning of currency may be incorporated into whatever situation one finds themselves in at the time and be accompanied by a brief declaration thru speech, song, dance, performance art, spiritual ceremony, comedy skit, whatever. If ye do burn be sure to do it with campfire common sense & care. The mbt party will occur in Toronto and can easily be celebrated in other communities as well.

Participants are responsible for supplying their own money and own reason(s) for rejecting said currency. If you like the idea but can't afford to burn a Canadian five dollar bill then acquire ahead of time a less expensive denomination from one of the G20 countries. Burning a Canadian or American note of currency probably increases the risk of arrest. The author of this action is not aware of anyone ever being charged for burning money and knows for a fact that USA legal tender is not fire resistant.
The fun then culminates later Sunday with Fire Works for Prisons.
Prison is everywhere; it is nothing more than a reflection of the society in which we live. It is a daily threat and reality that has permeated every facet of society. With the deepening of surveillance, the integration of police forces, the increased use of private security, the existence of courts, repression and isolation, the walls of prison are already built around us. If we don’t accept this miserable life offered to us, they’ll always have room for us in their overcrowded cells.

In the streets, prisons, psychiatric institutions, detention centres, there are those who do not come to peace with their exploitation. We desire to stand with comrades and accomplices who refuse to accept this reality, who refuse to be defeated by the System, who taste freedom in the ashes of prisons. We want to shed our fear and together confront the prison apparatus. We want to expand our solidarity in struggle against prison. We want people to join us and directly confront the systems of social control. We want to be everything prison isn’t: uncontrollable, joyful, creative…

We are encouraging people to come organized with intention, to make this project their own. Bring what you want to the demo: plans, noisemakers, banners, chants, and above all your passion for freedom. Confrontation is welcome.

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