Tuesday, June 22, 2010

'I'd Rather Lose a Toe and Gain a Whole Hand'

Can't say I've ever seen something like this. Makes me kind of queasy, to be honest.
And this little piggy turned into a thumb.

A Long Island woman's big toe will adapt to function as a thumb after doctors performed a rare transplant operation to replace the vital missing digit.

Shannon Elliott, 25, lost the thumb and two fingers from her left hand in November when a firework exploded in her palm. Elliott happened to be walking by when someone in a passing car tossed the explosive out a window.

It blew up when she bent to see what had landed and tore apart her hand, reports WABC.

"I was devastated. ... My fingers exploded into pieces," she said.

Stony Brook University doctors suggested the toe amputation to restore mobility to Elliott's hand, and performed an 11-hour surgery after Elliott agreed to go forward.

"To me it was a no brainer. I'd rather lose a toe and gain a whole hand," said the mother of two.

Losing a toe has little effect on a human's ability to walk or run, but losing a thumb nearly incapacitates hand functionality.

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