Friday, June 18, 2010

Weird: 'Cherubim' Returns to Comment on John Edwards Stories

Last year we noted the sad saga of Elizabeth Edwards populating comment sections of blogs and online newspapers using the pseudonym Cherubim.Soon after that Cherubim disappeared from the web, and we figured that would be the last we see of her.

Well, today while reading this story in the NY Daily News, who pops up in the comments using basically the exact talking points to defend Edwards that used to appear from Cherubim while again plugging John Edwards YouTube clips.
I want my government to stop investigating John Edwards' sex life; and, instead investigate who stole the wealth of America, and why BP was allowed to drill a well into the Earth’s very core. Please KICK BP OUT OF THE DAM COUNTRY!!!! I think it is time for us Progressives to Welcome Back John Edwards. It turns out he was right about a lot of things. Here's the proof watch these videos: "You can't nice these people to death. They (BP) will drive through like a freight train.": Watch the video: “The system in Washington is Rigged.” “End the Game.” Yes, there are "Two Americas", and I am in the one that wants John Edwards back to be our spokesperson.
Searching around, I also found this comment from 10 days ago.
Americans need to hear John Edwards to give this speech again.
“Corporate profits should work for Democracy and not the other way around…
“End the Game”:
Click and Watch or copy the address below and paste it into your address bar.
I think it is time for us America to Welcome Back John Edwards.
You notice one of the videos is plugged both times.

The NYDN link references this story from the Daily Beast and you'll never guess who surfaces there.

If you do a search for "Cherubim John Edwards" you'll notice she went dark after being exposed last September and just now has resurfaced. If indeed Elizabeth Edwards is commenting and promoting that sleazebag it's just incredibly sad.

Update: Looking back to when the original surfaced, there was some arguments that Elizabeth Edwards was not Cherubim, but there was little follow-up to the story. Oddly enough, however, it appears Cherubim has been dark for nine months, only to pop up again commenting on a John Edwards story. Whoever Cherubim is, he/she appears to be obsessed with the Silky Pony.

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