Thursday, June 24, 2010

Paul McCartney: Some People Don't Believe in Climate Aarming - Like Those Who Don't Believe There Was a Holocaust'

Washed-up musician does the full Ellen Goodman and gives a tongue-bath to Obama.

How cute.
THE shocking images of oil-covered wildlife and ruined beaches across the Gulf of Mexico have horrified millions.
But passionate green campaigner Sir Paul McCartney believes the environmental disaster may have a silver lining, with the search for clean, renewable energy now being pushed forward.

The Beatles legend said: "Sadly we need disasters like this to show people. Some people don't believe in climate warming - like those who don't believe there was a Holocaust.
Seems Paulie's really got the hots for the deeply unpopular Golfer-in-Chief.
He beams: "It was such an honour. I'd heard of the prize - it's the biggest for popular music in the US. When the President gave it to me, I was so touched. I'm a huge Obama supporter. I really love him.

"When it was the election I was praying he would win and dreading John McCain or Sarah Palin getting in. It was like, 'No, America - you don't need that right now.' I'd read Obama's books and had an opportunity to talk to him there, in the White House, where I'd never been before.
A few weeks ago this aging cretin insulted George W. Bush while Obama laughed.

I guess McCartney needn't worry about album boycotts since he's still living off a legacy from more than 40 years ago, about the time he authored anything worth listening to.

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