Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Women Of The GOP Continue Their March To Power

The women of the GOP continue their march to power. With the election now of Nikki Haley to be the Republican candidate for governor in South Carolina the Republicans are continuing to make inroads in one of the key Democrat voting blocks. What is even more impressive is the Republicans are showing through actions not just words to be the party that can attract, support, and elevate minorities.

One of the minor issues that Nikki was knocked for indirectly for was being from an Indian background, the country not the Native American type. Bobbie Jindal in Louisiana had already blazed the path and now she is poised to join him as another governor of a southern state that ain't exactly a good 'ol boy like so many of the blue noses in the north wish to portray residents of the south as.

The race warlords of the Democrat party are losing talking points with every one of these victories and through their overuse of the race card over the last couple of years, the significant role that women have taken in conservative politics, whether running for elected office or leading some of the groups such as the Tea Party, they are proving that if you want success and not just talk about it, upholding conservative principles is the way to go.

Maybe it is their maternal instincts kicking into overdrive now with what they see as the biggest threat to their children now being an overreaching and too powerful federal government. Maybe they don't take kindly to government trying to usurp their role as nurturer and care giver. Maybe it is because the feminazis have done such a good job of relegating so many men to beta male status that somebody has to step into the void. Whatever the reasons I am glad to see so many women poised to move into positions of power in the conservative world. I know the two women from Maine, Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe have been less then stellar examples of conservatives, but it seems the current crop of women are ready to set the record straight.

I just hope my state follows suit and elects Karen Handel as the Republican candidate for governor over the pack of old political machine good old boys that are nipping at her heels. The Georgia primary is in July and while she is trailing John Oxendine the current insurance commissioner, she is close enough to force a runoff but I wish she could just win it out right and avoid all this drama. Oxendine is just another cog in the old political machine in Georgia and has gotten to where he is in the race based solely on name recognition.

Anyway congratulations to Nikki and best of luck in the general election and hopefully Georgia will join you with a female GOP governor.

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