Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Obama Whines: 'I Don't Have a Crystal Ball'

He doesn't have a crystal ball, he can't suck up the oil spill with a straw, he's totally in over his head, he hasn't got a clue and could we all just leave the poor baby alone so he can relax and work in a few rounds of golf?

He's frustrated!
President Barack Obama has referred to the 'obsession' with the withdrawal date for US troops from Afghanistan and reiterated his focus on making sure the mission is successful.

Mr Obama's show of frustration about when he will end the unpopular war in Afghanistan came in his closing press conference at the G-20 summit in Toronto, where industrialised countries committed to slash their budget deficits in half by 2013.

The president said the United States shares that commitment.

At the end of a week in which he dismissed his top commander in Afghanistan, Mr Obama defended his war strategy and said the United States would assist the Afghans 'for a long time to come.'

'I don't have a crystal ball,' the president said when asked about a five-year Afghanistan exit strategy endorsed on Saturday by the Group of Eight major industrial democracies.

'I think that right now the debate surrounding Afghanistan is presented as either we get up and leave immediately because there's no chance at a positive outcome, or we stay basically indefinitely and do quote unquote whatever it takes for as long as it takes.'
Of course he's the one who set the date to start withdrawal, but don't anyone bring that up right now, OK?

Meanwhile, after 70 days, The Most Incompetent President Ever has finally relented and accepted help to plug the damn hole his kid has been pestering him about.

What a sport.

This probably did the trick.

Oil Spill Timeline from RightChange on Vimeo.

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