Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Temptations of Technology: Monk Caught Filming Nude Women With Mobile Phone

Deep humiliation and shame in Cambodia.
A Cambodian court has questioned a defrocked monk accused of filming women who were bathing naked in sacred water at a Buddhist temple, national media reported Tuesday.

Net Khai, 37, was dismissed from the pagoda in Phnom Penh on Saturday after accusations he secretly videoed a dozen women pouring holy water over themselves in a pagoda bathroom, said municipal police chief Touch Naruth.

"This monk's act of filming naked women seriously affects our Cambodian society and Cambodian women's dignity," Touch Naruth told the Cambodia Daily newspaper.

Four women have filed complaints against the former monk, including one who claimed Net Khai had filmed her using his mobile phone and then shared the clip with others.

A court official said Net Khai would likely face charges related to the production and distribution of pornography, which carries a maximum sentence of one year and a 480-dollar-fine.

The head of the country's Mohanikaya Budhhist sect condemned the former monk's actions, but said it ought not to reflect on other monks.

"It is not connected to our monks' discipline at all, and now Net Khai is defrocked so the law can sentence him," said Supreme Patriarch Non Nget. "Yet we are sorry that this man was formerly a monk and did something repulsive to Cambodian society."

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