Monday, June 21, 2010

Bombshell Study: Stupid Women Go After Rich Men

Used to be called marrying up or something. Now it takes actual research to determine that women of limited means and intellect indeed are at least bright enough to try and snag a man with some dough.

Next thing you know stupid men will think of the same thing.
They get a bad press, but when it comes to choosing a partner for life, it appears that bimbos are shrewder than we think.

New research has found that women with low IQs are more likely to pursue rich men than females who have higher intellects.

And experts say the reason is not so much naked greed, but more an instinctive urge to guarantee a secure financial future for any potential children.

The study throws fresh perspective on the actions of the late Playboy model and school drop-out Anna Nicole Smith, dubbed a ‘gold-digging blonde bimbo’ when, aged 26, she married an 89-year-old billionaire oil tycoon.

Dr Christine Stanik, of Michigan University, who carried out the research, said it was ‘only natural’ for women with little education and poor career prospects to try to woo men who could provide a stable financial future.

In ancient times, women evolved an attraction to men with wealth because they knew such a mate could improve the chances of their offspring’s survival,’ she said.
OK, so if we knew this in ancient times, why is it the subject of research today?

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