Friday, June 18, 2010

'You Can Imagine How Much Everyone Was Laughing at Me'

Hard to fathom how anyone could laugh at this guy, huh?
A man who took part in a charity groin wax was rushed to hospital after it nearly ripped off his testicle.

Builder Joe Cooper, 24, agreed to a 'back, sack and crack' to raise money for his local hospital.

But he ended up needing medical treatment himself when a wax strip tore off his flesh and missed his right testicle by half an inch.

The freak accident happened after Joe volunteered to take part in the charity fundraiser at the Trees Pub in Birstall, Leicester, on June 5.

Doctors managed to 'glue' Joe's skin back on to his thigh using antibiotic cream.

The bachelor said he is still in pain and has been taking a strong course of antibiotics to prevent any infections.

He said: 'There were a few of us doing it and two blokes wimped out but I said I'd have it done.

'I lay down and closed my eyes and the next thing I know I'm in horrendous pain and bleeding.

'I ended up at the walk-in centre at the hospital - you can imagine how much everyone was laughing at me.

'They said if any more skin had come off it (the testicle) would have come out.

'I've got cream and I've been told to use hot, salty water but that stings too much.'

Pub-goers donated cash for a chance to rip a strip of wax off 10 men's privates. The pub hoped the stunt would help raise £3,000 for the Leicester Royal Infirmary.

But the other men backed out and only Joe volunteered for the challenge.

His friends watched in horror when a friend yanked a 20cm (8in) long strip of wax off his inner thigh - taking the skin with it.

An onlooker said: 'It was horrible. He was screaming and there was blood everywhere.

'It's a lesson that waxing your bodies should definitely be left to the women.'

Joe, from Leicester, added: 'I'm healing quite well, which is a relief.

'I still feel a bit ropey but I'm okay. They're still hurting but it's just one of those things. I was the unfortunate one.

'But I wouldn't do it again, I wouldn't put any man through that pain.'
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