Sunday, October 31, 2010

'But I'm Going to Vote For Him Anyway'

Well, we do know liberals are born, not bred, so this makes perfect sense. You can have a man lie to your face with impunity and still vote for him. And they don't even sound guilty about it.
He's still a Tricky Dick.

After a supporter told Connecticut Democrat Richard Blumenthal that he was upset that the candidate lied about serving in Vietnam, Blumenthal recast the conversation later to a reporter.

The revisited war fib -- one that nearly derailed the Democrat's Senate campaign -- came up as Blumenthal was shaking hands with the breakfast crowd at a local diner.

"It was not so much about Vietnam, but the negativity of the ads," the candidate later insisted.

That assertion stunned the supporter, Stuart Pattison, who said, no, it really was about Blumenthal's "misstatements" that he was a war veteran.

"You really popped my bubble," Pattison, 50, told The Post, referring to the war-fib story.

Faced with a polarized race for Senate, Pattison nonetheless said, "But I'm going to vote for him anyway."

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