Thursday, October 28, 2010

Report: Man in Muslim Garb, Family Booted from Memphis Plane

Don't be nervous. He was just taking care of some personal business.
MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Officials at Memphis International Airport say they delayed a flight and searched the plane after the crew become suspicious of a passenger in traditional Muslim clothing.

Airport vice president Scott Brockman said the man, his wife and child were asked to exit the Comair plane Wednesday after the flight crew said the man spent an excessive amount of time in the bathroom.

Authorities searched the plane but found nothing amiss. An estimated 80 passengers left the plane during the search, and it flew to Toronto some two hours late. The man and his family were put on a later flight.

Brockman said the man was very cooperative. He said it's the responsibility of the pilot and crew to ensure the safety of their passengers.
Via the Tennesseean. Cross-posted here.

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