Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Silly or Offensive? Vanity Fair's GOP 'Beefcake' Issue

Sorry, but I just can't muster any outrage over this. In fact, I find most of the images hysterical.
In December 2008, a widely disseminated photograph of President-Elect Barack Obama emerging from the Hawaii surf in a bathing suit aroused convulsions of enthusiasm across the land. Even the New York Post joined in, catcalling, “Fit for Office … Buff Bam Is Hawaii Hunk!” But a mere two years later—two economically desolate, war-torn, jobless years later—the national sentiment toward Obama has wilted, with open-mouthed adoration giving way to libido-crushing frustration. Far, far sexier than the president and his drooping poll numbers are the crusading challengers of the Republican Party, whose tea-swilling followers are fogging up the windows of the 2010 midterm elections.
Several of the images are a bit on the disturbing side, to put it mildly, but I can't help but laugh.

Some folks really need to lighten up and have a good chuckle.
Not even remotely funny, says the Media & Culture Institute, adding it's “disgusted” by Vanity Fair’s latest compilation, which it describes as “soft-core.”

"This is just one more disgusting Vanity Fair attack on conservatives," said Dan Gainor, the Institute’s vice president for business and culture. "What kind of coward would make fun of a war hero like Sen. John McCain this way? Imagine how angry liberals would be if conservatives attacked prominent minorities with a similar calendar.

“I think many of VF’s advertisers might be surprised to know they are underwriting such vile hatred," Gainor continued. "Conservatives should make sure advertisers hear about this. The worst part of this assault is that Vanity Fair knows how these images will be used by the left. These disgusting Photoshop attacks will follow these conservatives around forever – linked to in blogs and highlighted at times even in the old media. Yet somehow this is a publication that claims it is credible. News flash: It’s not."
Memo to Dan: Take a pill and relax. Blogs have been doing this stuff for years, in much cruder form. Who can forget the absurd image of a bikini-clad, gun-toting "Sarah Palin" the kook fringe put out there a couple of years ago? At least the Photoshop skills of the folks at Vanity Fair are a bit better.

Besides, we could always do a cheesecake spread of Democrat women, if only we could find some attractive ones. Surely Barbara Mikulski or Nancy Pelosi posing provocatively would really get the blood flowing. Er, never mind.

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