Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Comedy Gold: Obama Has 'Progressive' Bloggers Over to the White House

They are pictured, from left to right: Joe Sudbay of AMERICABlog, Barbara Morrill (aka BarbinMD) from DailyKos, John Amato from Crooks & Liars, Oliver Willis from, and Duncan Black aka "Atrios" from eschatonblog.

Photo and story via Jake Tapper, who probably had to go elsewhere to get some food after Oliver "Haystacks" Willis cleared the buffet table.

Haystacks also works for the goon squad at George Soros' Media Matters. Dude needs to pull double duty just to keep the supply of Twinkies flowing. Nice to see Obama entertaining some of the sleaziest people in the country. Let's hope they didn't bring in any bedbugs.

Iowahawk brings the snark.
@michellemalkin Do you know the name of Oliver Willis' tailor? I need a dust cover for a '49 Buick.
Haystacks tweets:
President Obama personally told me he considers himself a progressive, FYI
Gee, whodathunkit?

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