Sunday, October 31, 2010

Man Grabs Grayson Sign at Webster Rally, Grayson Compares it to Assassinations

Granted, the man who grabbed the sign was out of line, but he didn't assault the Grayson supporter. These people simply deserve to be heckled, not have their signs taken away. A woman intervenes and gives it back to the guy. That should be the end of it, but of course Grayson goes full Olbermann with a ridiculous response to an isolated incident. Grayson's videographers were conveniently on hand to film it all. They clearly were looking to instigate and got what they wanted, but calling it an assault is a reach.
Congressman Alan Grayson spoke out Sunday morning about YouTube video showing a campaign sign being ripped out of the hands of one of his supporters.

The confrontation happened at a campaign rally for Grayson’s opponent Daniel Webster. The whole thing was caught on tape by a film crew making a documentary about the closely watched race for the congressional seat.

While talking to media, Congressman Grayson compared the attack on one of his supporters to the same kind of violence that killed President Kennedy and civil rights activist Dr. Martin Luther King.

The attack started when one of Grayson’s supporters, Lance Parker, went to a Daniel Webster rally in Orlando and held a Grayson campaign sign up behind the stage where Webster was speaking.

While Parker was holding the sign, Bruce O’Donoghue, a former candidate and Webster supporter, snatched the sign out of Parkers hand and tried crumple it up. In the video, O’Donoghue can be heard cursing at Parker who repeatedly asked for his sign back.
It's come to this. Grabbing a man's sign is now the equivalent to the assassination of Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy. And this tool wonders why he's going down on Tuesday.

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