Thursday, October 28, 2010

Robert 'Tariq Aziz' Gibbs: Obama's Disastrous Appearance With Jon Stewart Went Swimmingly

What more do you expect from the spokesman for the captain of The Titanic? This guy ought to be a hoot come next Wednesday.
Despite Jon Stewart's apparent disappointment with President Obama's "timid" first two years in office, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said Thursday that he thinks Obama's appearance on "The Daily Show" was a "success."

But Stewart gave voice to disgruntled Democrats who question whether Obama has fought hard enough for their issues on matters like "Don't ask, don't tell" and the public health insurance option.

That voice led many to wonder on Thursday, one day after the show aired, if the White House might have made a mistake in sending Obama onto the show with just days to go until the election.

Gibbs said that he does not "have any regret" about Obama doing the show.

"Our viewpoint is that when the president gets to talk about what he's done and sit through what people may or may not have heard, it's a positive benefit," Gibbs said. "So I would think of it as a success."
I can't wait until Stewart and his Comedy Central co-clown Colbert show up for their "rally for whatever" in DC this weekend. Actually, I can wait. I have a life, unlike the great unwashed who'll be wasting their time listening to two dispirited douchebags desperately trying to rally depressed Obamatons. Deep down they know it's over and probably wish they hadn't committed themselves to what's sure to be a colossal embarrassment. Well, unless you'll be watching CNN or MSNBC, where they'll surely be trying to prop up the hapless Obama.

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