Saturday, October 30, 2010

Shocker: DNC and Obama Recruiting at 'Non-political' Hipster Douchebag Rally

Gee, never saw this coming, did you?
Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert may not want an overtly political rally on Saturday, but the Democratic National Committee is doing everything it can to capitalize on the event.

Volunteers and staff members from the headquarters are greeting people as they get off of the buses or arrive in Washington on trains, armed with sign-up sheets for canvassing efforts in districts across the country.

And for those rally attendees who have not gotten enough of politics by the end of the rally, they can head over to the the committee’s headquarters a few blocks away, where there will be a phone bank. Committee officials said they expected to get at least 100 people there.

The rally had been a subject of concern for some Democrats, who said it would siphon the most active Democrats from around the country away from the get-out-the-vote efforts in their home states and districts.

But a spokeswoman for the Democratic committee’s Organizing for America said Saturday that the party is supportive of the Comedy Central hosts’ event.
Obama's own website is promoting this "non-political" event. How cute.
Thousands of Americans descended on the nation's capital today for Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert's Rally for Sanity and/or Fear on the National Mall. They carried signs and sported T-shirts bearing proud messages like "Moderate as hell!" and "Don't believe rally signs." OFA volunteers took the opportunity to channel all that energy into action, and sign rally-goers up to help get out the vote in their communities.

"How can I help?" asked a woman from New Jersey, who was told that all she needed to do was text SANE to 62262 to find an event near her. OFA volunteers signed folks up for a phone bank at the nearby Democratic Party headquarters after the rally, and encouraged people to get on buses to go canvass in states like Ohio and Virginia.
If Colbert and Stewart were since about about their claims they'd denounce this, but they're complete frauds so they won't say a word.

Meanwhile, the Politico has a photo of a huge crowd. One problem. It's from Glenn Beck's rally (H/T Cubachi). You'd think the Gadsden flags and trees in full bloom might be a clue.

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