Thursday, October 28, 2010

Unprecedented! Obama Best Fundraiser in History ... for GOP

The most divisive president ever is also turning out the be the gift that keeps on giving. To Republicans. Heckuva job, Bammy!
President Obama has proven himself one of the most prolific money-raisers in political history - for Republicans.

The GOP is awash in campaign cash, much of it from millionaire mom-and-pop Republicans fearful of Obama's left-leaning political agenda.

"Many, many people conservative by nature are horrified and terrified at what they've seen in the last two years, and they feel like they're fighting for the survival of the country," one of the Republican Party's most prominent moneymen told the Daily News.

"I've been at this for a long time, and this is unprecedented. I've never seen anything like it."

For example, a retired businessman and his wife who had never contributed a penny recently gave $1 million to one of the independent conservative groups godfathered by GOP political guru Karl Rove.

For more than a year, Rove and his allies have perfected their strategy to use his American Crossroads organization and its related network to trump Obama's masterful fund-raising machine.

As the Nov. 2 election approaches, cash hauls have spiked dramatically, including a fivefold increase to American Crossroads since June, a source close to Rove said.

"Money has been pouring in for months," a top GOP political strategist gloated in amazement, "and it's still coming."

GOP buckrakers freely acknowledge that federal rules allowing anonymous contributions to most independent groups have helped loosen wallets.

They insist the majority of the outside cash - estimated by some experts at more than a quarter of a billion dollars - is largely generated by a backlash against Obama and his policies.

"People are so scared of what Obama will do to the country they're clamoring to donate," a veteran GOP fund-raiser said.

The giving climate is suddenly so fertile that even contributions to a presidential library - George W. Bush's - never an easy sell in a depressed economy, have spiked in recent months, The News has learned.

"Every two years someone says this is the most important election in our history," said a Republican fund-raising maestro, reprising his spiel to prospective donors. "This time it really is."

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