Sunday, October 24, 2010

Chris Christie: 'Even Though I’m in Massachusetts, I Reserve the Right To Go Jersey On You'

The latest poll out of Massachusetts shows incumbent Democrat Deval Patrick clinging to a narrow lead but with only 43% right now. Perfect time for Republican Charlie Baker to bring in the heavy artillery, namely the Baddest Governor on the Planet, Chris Christie.
New poll numbers are out showing the race for governor is Massachusetts is getting even tighter.

The Boston Globe poll gives incumbent governor Deval Patrick a 4-point lead over Republican Charlie Baker. About 43% of likely voters say they plan to support Patrick on election day, and 39% say they plan to support baker. Independent Tim Cahill is in third place with 8%, and Green-Rainbow candidate Jill Stein received 2%.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was at Melrose town hall stumping for fellow Republican Charlie Baker. Christie's political star is bright. He compares his election a year ago in the Garden State to Baker's run. He was a Republican in a blue state with a Democratic governor and Independent candidate and many more registered Democrats than Republicans.

"In 6 months, this man has taken New Jersey from an eleven billion dollar deficit, and he did not raise taxes," Baker said at the rally.

"The polls said it was razor close," said Christie. "And I'm here to show you a living, breathing example of what you're going to see on November 3rd."

"I think it's wonderful," Baker told NECN of Christie's support. "I think it's a great example of what you can get done if you lead, cause he's clearly leading in New Jersey and we plan to do the same in Massachusetts."
Independent spoiler Tim Chaill bristled over Christie's appearance.
The Baker camp and Republican PACs have already spent lots of money attacking Independent Tim Cahill, who rallied seniors in Quincy Sunday. Governor Christie, who brushed by reporters after the Baker event, said Cahill won't be a factor on Election Day.

"That's his opinion," said Cahill. "I don't take people who don't live here in Massachusetts and don't vote here in Massachusetts' opinion very well. I think it's time we take the New Jersey, the Washington, and the out of state folks out of this state and let us decide."
Anyone in Massachusetts voting for this turd is wasting their vote.

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The governor regaled the crowd with tales of confronting New Jersey’s Democrat-controlled Legislature, including his swift veto of a bill extending the millionaire’s tax.

"I took the pen out of my pocket, I vetoed it, and handed it right back," he said as the crowd roared.

Besides boosting Republican candidates, Christie has used his out-of-state trips to polish his image, referencing viral videos of his quips and a confrontation with a heckler in California that have circulated on the Internet. Before the question-and-answer session, he warned the gleeful audience: "Before you decide to go wise guy on me, just remember this — even though I’m in Massachusetts, I reserve the right to go Jersey on you."

Most of the crowd’s questions were about local campaign issues like taxes and illegal immigration. But one woman shouted to Christie, "When are you going to run for president?"

As always, the governor said he was staying in New Jersey, and joked that "my wife would kill me" if he ran for president.
Christie pointed out he also was in a similar position as Baker at this point in 2009--in a tight race with an unpopular incumbent with an independent spoiler in the race. Christie won handily. The surging GOP tide across America could well doom Patrick.

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