Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hopeless: Obama Plummets to No. 21 on Dopey Website's List of Most Influential Men

How bad are things for Obama? Well, the top ten on this list includes a couple of guys I've never even heard of and the list also includes that schmuck Jet Blue flight attendant whose 15 minutes of fame were over about six weeks ago as well as that assclown from Wikileaks. At least Obama beat him out. Most influential? Why, a guy who supposedly is a comedian but really isn't all that funny.
Barack Obama may be the leader of the free world, but he is not even close to being America’s most influential man -- at least, not according to AskMen.com.

That title goes to funnyman Jon Stewart, according to the latest rankings put out by the men's online magazine.

The 2010 list names the top 49 most influential men in the country, as selected by the website’s staffers and votes from more than half a million readers.

"These are the men history will remember as having defined 2010," the list brags.

Like many other polls these days, the rankings offer more bad news for President Obama, who was once seen as an inspirational figure but has watched his popularity plummet since his election in 2008.

According to the site, Comedy Central host Stewart snagged the top spot for "fighting his own brand of war in the vicious battleground of cable television, leading the charge of personalities and ideals against the behemoth, ultra-right American news media."
The ultra-right American news media? Which is what, one cable channel and a couple of newspapers? Do these clowns expect to be taken seriously?
Obama has fallen far from his heyday of 2008, when he easily grabbed the list’s No.1 spot – even before winning the presidential election.

Back then, the site couldn't praise him highly enough. “For millions of young guys voting for the first time, Barack Obama isn’t a symbol of change – he is the emissary of their legacy,” AskMen raved. “His arrival tells them that they aren’t doomed to inherit the archaic cynicism of their parents, but are free to entertain their own hopes and dreams."

Now the President isn’t even in the top 20. He rolled in this year at No. 21, behind Conan O'Brien, LeBron James, Stephen Colbert, Jay-Z and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, among others.

He was even beaten by rapper Kanye West, who was named the most hated celebrity of 2009.

"Nearly two years into his presidency, Barack Obama’s rallying cry of 'Yes we can' is starting to look like a bitter joke," the site writes.

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