Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Obama to Republicans: Sit in the Back

This is not the way to get your day started. While firing up the computers I had the TV on Fox and Friends and they show a video clip of the community organizer in charge saying that Republicans can get on for the ride but they need to get to the back.

Even if I try to disregard what kind of connotations a statement like that carries, especially if it had been uttered by a Republican, I can't get past the total vitriol directed at his political adversaries. This is beyond the pale. You are supposed to be the president of the United States not head fundraiser for the Democrats and attack dog.

All I have to rely on is my personal experience in my life, half of which was spent in the military. It did not matter who sat in the Oval Office we still performed our duties. It would seem the least we can expect out of the person sitting in big chair is the same sort of respect. You work for the people of the United States of America. Trust me not everyone who has occupied the office has exactly been a friend of the military but I would no more have told half of the country I wasn't going to defend them because they sent some lunkhead to be president and he shouldn't be telling half of the country to get to the back of the bus.

The second point is I am old enough to remember being a young kid living in the south during the 60's when so much of the Civil Rights movement was happening and sitting in front of the TV watching grainy footage of the riots and violence that erupted at the time. The spark for the movement, besides a couple of people being denied service at a lunch counter was a lady who refused to move to the back of the bus.

Well Mr Obama, I am today's Rosa Parks. I ain't moving to the back of the bus. I won't shut up so I guess you had better get your union goon squads and arm them with riot batons and attack dogs.

America, don't forget this dark time in our history and correct the mistake in 2012. I just can not believe that a sitting president would make such a statement.

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