Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Man Tattoos His Eyes ... and Everything Else

A real eye-catching design.
Tattoo enthusiast Matt Gone has become known around Portland as a man with checkerboard tattoos that cover much of his body.

"I picked the the checker pattern because nobody had done it," Gone said.

Now he's done something else that few have tried: He injected ink into both of this eyes -- by himself.

"I picked different colors cause I like mutations because I have birth defects," Gone said.

Gone said birth defects that left some of his muscles underdeveloped inspired him to start tattooing his body nearly 20 years ago as a means to disguise his deformities. He estimates more than 98 percent of his skin is covered with ink.

"I never really knew how far I would ever go, and [tattooing my eyes] is about as far as you can go," Gone said.

But some doctors believe Gone has gone too far with his latest design.
Gee, ya think?

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