Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Abramoff Mentions Democrats; Put on Express Train to Prison

Well, now that the elections are over, it can be reported. The Evil Man in the Black Trenchcoat was pretty friendly to the Democrats as well as the GOP. Of course, as soon as he mentions Democrats, he's whisked off to the joint. Next thing you know, he'll have suffered a mysterious aneurysm.

Abramoff Reports to Prison Tomorrow; Offers Testimony on Democratic Senators

Convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff is scheduled to report to federal prison tomorrow, over the objections of federal prosecutors who say they still need his help to pursue leads on officials he allegedly bribed.

Sources close to the investigation say Abramoff has provided information on his dealings with and campaign contributions and gifts to "dozens of members of Congress and staff," including what Abramoff has reportedly described as "six to eight seriously corrupt Democratic senators."

The sources say Abramoff was about to provide information about Bush administration officials, including Karl Rove, "accepting things of value" from Abramoff.

OK, well, that was last night. Today the AP simply notes Jack Abramoff reports to Md. prison

CUMBERLAND, Md. - Disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff, convicted of federal charges after using expensive gifts, campaign donations and exotic trips to win access to the powerful in Washington, went to prison Wednesday.

Abramoff arrived at about 6:30 a.m. EST at a relatively secluded prison facility in western Maryland and began to serve a nearly six-year prison sentence for a fraudulent deal to buy a fleet of casino ships in Florida.

Abramoff was delivered out of sight of waiting reporters and camera crews and his arrival was announced in a two-paragraph statement by a prison representative.

Nowhere in the AP report is the word Democrat mentioned, though they painstakingly go through the litany of Republicans affected by affiliations with Abramoff.

Meanwhile, over at Hot Air, Allahpundit is all over this from many angles.

The Capital Eye has a breakdown of Abramoff's contributions from 1999 to 2006. Seems to me the guy was spreading the largesse around.

Captain Ed also weighs in.

I'm not going to pretend Republicans taking money from the guy wasn't a problem. What annoys me to no end is the relentlessly unfair coverage given to this story in how it affects the GOP. It's used by the media and the Democrats to pound over the heads of Republicans, yet the same people exploiting the issue had their hands in the cookie jar.

The media is so lazy, they can't even look at simple reports easily available to them and honestly report the facts.

So now if Abramoff does offer up some Democrat scalps, he'll just be referred to as a "disgraced lobbyist" who shouldn't be believed.

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