Saturday, November 25, 2006

Flying Imams Update

Power Line has the latest on the Flying Imams. This story reeks of a fabrication in so many ways, and I was suspicious from the outset. Now they want investigations, according to this report in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

Congressman-elect Keith Ellison wants to meet with executives of US Airways and the Metropolitan Airports Commission to discuss the removal of six Muslim clerics from a flight on Monday.

Ellison sent the letter to US Airways CEO Doug Parker and Jeff Hamiel, executive director of the MAC, late Wednesday. As of Friday, no meeting had been scheduled.

The pilot ordered the imams off the flight after their praying, conversation and behavior alarmed several passengers and flight attendants on the Phoenix-bound flight from Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. The incident drew national attention. The Department of Homeland Security's Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties has said it will review the incident.

Ellison won election to represent the Minneapolis-centered Fifth District earlier this month, becoming the first Muslim elected to Congress in the country. The airport is within his district.

I don't hold out much hope the media will rightly cast doubt on this stunt, but at least the blogosphere will.
The Investors Businesss Daily editorial formulated its hypothesis regarding the Ellison connection to the flying imams this past Wednesday. Within 48 hours Ellison has taken the first steps to prove the shrewdness of the editorial's hypothesis that the underlying incident was fabricated for the benefit of an agenda to be advanced by Ellison. I'm afraid that it's time to scream bloody murder before the flying imams and their friends in high places turn the incident into the means by which citizens are disabled from taking reasonable action to defend themselves from apparent danger.


Urban Infidel said...

"6 Flying Imams.."

Sounds like the beginnings of a new 'Twelve Days of Christmas' entry.

seejanemom said...

Twelve days of Christmas....BBBBWWWAhhhaaaaa
I smell the beginnings of a Holiday post...
but I logged on to say that now that we have an ELECTED SHAKEDOWN ARTIST taking plays form Jesse's playbook, what will stop them???