Monday, November 27, 2006

Rangel: Stuck on Stupid

It's almost hard to believe the condescending arrogance of Democrats with their insults to the men and women who serve in the military. Surely someone who actually did serve should know better. However, being it was over 50 years ago in his case, it's obvious the man is out of touch with reality.

Study after study shows our military is the most highly educated it has ever been, yet, like John Kerry before him, Rangel continues to insult them by basically calling them stupid and were they given a choice, they would never serve. You can see the video here and here.

Anyone with common sense and decency can see the man is so far off the mark and should demand an apology, but one will never come. I can only add that I hope he and the Democrats keep it up, as their stay back in power will be short.

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realwest said...

Jammie - another spot on post. Not only did Rangle not apologize (nor will he) but the MSM didn't even pick up on the story.
In point of fact, Rangel served with some distinction in the Korean War. The Army he served in, at least for one year, however, was still a segregated military. I've often wondered how this has shaped his image of the US Military.
Plus I'd like to know how someone could be a member of congress since 1971 and still represent a district that is abjectly poor and has a terrible housing/employment base. Maybe if he paid attention to his constituents needs, instead of being able to take reelection for granted because he's a black democract running in NYC, he'd do a better job for his constituents.