Sunday, November 19, 2006

NFL Week 11

Now that the Game of the Year in college has passed, we get back to the NFL.

After last week's debacle, I should know better, but I'm not betting on anything, so what the heck?

These picks are for recreational purposes only, and should not be used as the basis for any actual cash wagers. Home team in CAPS.

JETS +7 over Bears: Chicago returns to Giants Stadium for the second consecutive week, but could be in for a surprise against blitz-happy Jets. Actual final score: Bears 24-20.

Raiders +9.5 over CHIEFS: Trent Green may struggle in his return, allowing Raiders to stick around. Actual final score: Chiefs 27-22.

Bengals +3.5 over SAINTS: Saints struggling badly against AFC North teams, and Bengals are in a must-win situation. Actual final score: Bengals 28-25.

Steelers 3.5 over BROWNS: Pittsburgh climbing back to respectability, but will still struggle against decent Cleveland defense. Actual final score: Steelers 17-9.

Titans +13 over EAGLES: Philly needs to keep winning to keep pace in NFC East race, but they tend to overlook supposed doormats. Actual final score: Eagles 30-24.

RAVENS –4 over Falcons: Another long day for Vick, who may soon get yanked if he keeps up the fumbling. Actual final score: Ravens 19-14.

Rams + 7 over PANTHERS: Rams have lost four straight, but can still score enough to keep it close. Actual final score: Panthers 31-27.

Bills +2.5 over TEXANS: Bills refuse to let O.J. saga distract them. Actual final score: Bills 14-13.

Patriots –5.5 over PACKERS: In order to qualify for AARP bonus points, Patriots brought in Vinny Testaverde this week. Favre is about 15 years younger. Actual final score: Patriots 27-17.

BUCCANEERS –3 over Redskins: Little Danny Snyder took the redeye back from the TomKat wedding for this? Actual final score: Bucs 16-10.

DOLPHINS –3.5 over Vikings: Vikings are in a funk and resurgent Fish have nothing to lose. Actual final score: Dolphins 23-16.

CARDINALS –2 over Lions: Detroit caught looking ahead to Turkey Day shellacking, get beat by NFL’s worst team. Actual final score: Cardinals 29-24.

Seahawks – 4.5 over 49ERS: Alexander and Hasselbeck return, though they should be rusty. Seattle still superior. Actual final score: Seahawks 37-24.

Colts –1 over COWBOYS: Tony Romo a lot better than I expected and Dallas will be fired up at home. However, keeping the Colts off the board after their struggles last week will be near impossible. Actual final score: Colts 31-21.

Chargers +2.5 over BRONCOS: San Diego has to let down some after last weeks’ track meet with Bengals, and no way Broncos defense gets trampled. Denver traditionally a bad spot for Bolts. Actual final score: Broncos 24-23.

Giants +3.5 over JAGUARS: Giants stumbled badly against Bears, but should keep David Garrard in check. Must get Shockey involved more. Actual final score: Giants 17-13.


Anonymous said...


I like the PITT and the Patriot pick. I took em both. I have to disagree with you on the final score of the PITT game. They have scored/allowed an average of 58 points the last 2 weeks. I took the over 37. We shall see, oh Swami!


Anonymous said...

Well Jammie, Pitt not only pulled out the cover, but covered my over, and the Pats made it look easy. Swami was money. Now I need Indy in a Pick over Dallas, and Seattle by 3 over SF.