Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Consider Giuliani's Enemies

While it's far too early to make any recommendations for the 2008 GOP primaries, do not dismiss former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani simply because he is pro-choice or favors civil unions for gays. I've never been much of a one-issue voter, but considering the importance of national security and the war on terror, that issue is paramount. Without security on the homefront, nothing else really matters. Which is why I find the obsession in some quarters with gay marriage, gun control, (insert liberal pet issue of the week), etc., extremely shortsighted and naive.

In today's NY Post, John Podhoretz suggests Giuliani's enemies may be his biggest asset. He makes a great point. For the past week since Giuliani announced he's forming an exploratory committee for 2008, an endless stream of Democrats have been out spouting their talking points about Giuliani being pro-choice, pro-civil union and so forth and how he won't appeal to the base, as if we're all such reactionary rightwingers we can't focus on the big picture.

But there are other things most Republicans don't know about Giuliani - and when they find out some of those, chance are their fondness for him will grow. And for that boost, it appears, Rudy will have only his enemies to thank.

The Post's David Seifman reported yesterday that some New York lefties are seriously considering an effort to attack Rudy in the manner that the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth attacked John Kerry in 2004 - to reveal the "unvarnished truth" about his mayoralty and deflate his status as an American hero.
On issue after issue of concern to America's conservatives - the misuse of the welfare system, the destructive effects of bilingual education, the disastrous misuse of public monies by municipal unions, the need for tax cuts, the essential requirement of supporting the city's police against unjust attack as they risked their lives to secure civil peace - Rudy fought.

He fought The New York Times and the liberal establishment - and gave them no quarter. They despised him - and the relentlessness of their expressed displeasure only seemed to push him to greater action.

Conservatives nationwide don't know any of this. But thanks to Norm Siegel and others, they may hear about it from exactly the sorts of people whose loathing of Rudy will enhance his stature and burnish his credentials.

Rudy's appeal to GOP primary voters can and will go beyond his peerless handling of 9/11 and his brilliant record on crime. Voters will learn that he was a liberal-slayer.

Meanwhile, over at National Review, Deroy Murdock points out Giuliani right now is the frontrunner, and it's not even close.

In a nationwide Rasmussen Reports survey of 1,050 Republicans and 203 GOP-leaning independents, 24 percent backed Giuliani while 18 percent chose Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. McCain, at 17 percent, lags behind Rice, a declared non-candidate.

"If we assume Rice is not running and allocate her votes," says pollster Scott Rasmussen, "Giuliani would top McCain 32 percent to 22 percent in the November 4 - 7 study."

So while none of this means I'm automatically in Rudy's camp, at this time I simply encourage Republicans to keep an open mind about things, consider who is out there trashing him, and stay focused on the big picture.


Anonymous said...

Well, be that as it may, I think Rudy's pro-choice, pro-gun control views will be too big of a an issue to overcome and get the Republican nomination.

In a sports note, I have some thoughts on the Giants for you Jammie. I watched the tilt against Jacksonville last night and came away witht he following observations:

1. Manning is flat out confused. His fott mechanics are all screwed up and I think it's due to his being confused by the defenses he's seeing and he's not sure where to go on any play. Manning is also starting to lock into his primary receiver.

2. Barber has lost about half a step and I agree with his decision to retire. The O-line is making the holes, Barber is just not getting there in time anymore. By the time he gets there, unless they blow the defense off the line, the hole is closed.

3. Burress has pretty much quit on the team at this point. Last night he made a pitiful two-hand tag attempt at a tackle on an interception, and that resulted in about 25 yards the other way. Burress was short arming the ball and cutting his routes of short. He's also tipping the run vs. pass play with how he sets up at the line, due mainly to lackadaisical play. If I were Coughlin, Burress has to sit down and I would give some bench rider a chance to take his job. Burress is hurting the team now.

JammieWearingFool said...

3 wood,

Giants are awful right now. I had so little confidence in them last night, I went to sleep when it was 16-10. Can't disagree with any of your analysis.

You may well be right about Rudy, but like I said, consider who it is warning the GOP--the left.

They fear him, as he could pull in a lot of independent voters, especially in the northeast.