Monday, November 06, 2006

One Day to Go and Confusion Reigns

Just a day to go before the midterm elections and predictions vary. Morris predicts doom for the GOP, while Rahm Emanuel claims to be very nervous.

If you rely on Mason-Dixon and Gallup, the numbers vary wildly.

The Senate races in Missouri, Montana, Virginia, Maryland, and Rhode Island are considered tossups.

Early this morning, I saw a clip of The Great Stainmaker, Bill Clinton, telling the breathless masses how the GOP wanted to suppress their vote. Coming from a party that does everything they can to deny the votes of overseas military personnel, this is contemptible. Plus, after a relentless campaign by the antique media to depress the GOP base, it's laughable to say the Republicans are trying to suppress any voters. Projection, anyone?

In the end, it truly is all about turnout and the GOP has a tremendous advantage in getting the vote out.

I say ignore the gloom and doom crowd, go out and vote, and let the chips fall where they may. If the Democrats fail to capitalize, expect widespread cries of manipulation, voting machine problems, and the inevitable lawsuits. The final outcome may well be decided in the courts, which we've come to expect from the sore losers on the left.

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cowboyannie said...

Hey there Jammie! People must be starting to get excited about the election - LGF has so many visitors online I can't get in!

I think that's a good sign.