Sunday, November 19, 2006

Scandinavia Next Terror Target?

A disturbing examination in the Washington Times today on the growing radical Islamic menace in Scandinavia. Surely, if any of this comes to fruition, there will be those who blame cartoons. The rest of us will blame the terrorist monsters. Read it all.

Since September 11, Scandinavia's potential victimization has become more critical than ever before. Two major reasons account for this inevitable eventuality. The apparent expansion of al Qaeda's international network into the region is the first reason. After all, the stated objective of Osama bin Laden's terrorist worldwide movement is to unite all Muslims from Asia, Africa and Europe in a Shariah form of government that follows the rule of the Caliphs. To achieve this theological-strategic goal, the United States and its Western allies are by definition considered the "enemies of God" and must, therefore, be attacked by as much force as possible, including the utilization of weapons of mass destruction in a Jihad (Holy War) until total victory is achieved.

This Jihadist mindset seeing Scandinavia as the next battlefield in Europe is unmistakably clear. Currently, Denmark provides some 500 troops to the stabilization efforts in Iraq and has also contributed to the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in Afghanistan, supporting the U.S.-led coalition. In 2005, a Danish publication containing caricatures of the prophet Muhammad set off severe protests against the country, especially in the Middle East, culminating with the attack against the Danish Embassy in Damascus.

Sweden also contributed military assistance in Afghanistan, and its new conservative government openly advocates that Sweden should join its two Scandinavian neighbors in NATO, thus playing a greater role in the U.S. global war on terrorism. Moreover, Norway is now active in Afghanistan after withdrawing its troops from Iraq in October 2005.

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Urban Infidel said...

Then let me direct your attention to the following item from Islam in Europe Blog.

Sweden: Iraqi immigration main source of population growth

Sweden's population has grown considerably so far this year. Immigration is the main source of the growth, with Iraq one of the main sources of immigrants.

So far, the population has increased by 55,799 people, the largest rise since 1994, taking Sweden comfortably clear of the nine million mark at 9,103,551.

Between January and September, 73,907 people moved to Sweden from abroad. This is 26,000 more, or 54 percent, than during the same period last year. According to a report by Statistics Sweden, the increase is mainly made up of Swedish citizens who have returned home. The number of foreigners, especially from Iraq, has also increased significantly.