Monday, November 20, 2006

Hitchens Shreds OJ

In today's Opinion Journal, Christopher Hitchens openly questions news judgment and demolishes the thing known as OJ Simpson.

Just thinking aloud here, but what do you suppose the reaction of Fox News and the Murdoch press would be if Black Entertainment Television had commissioned a lucrative tie-in for O.J. Simpson, and had sat him down for an alternately lenient and self-pitying interview with, say, Tawana Brawley? Might we not be hearing quite a lot of fulmination about softness on crime, additional pain to the victims' families, and the general slippage of standards? But, given that it's the Murdoch empire that stands to profit several ways from the outrageous decision to stage and promote Simpson's "confession" (which is his publisher Ms. Judith Regan's word for it, not mine) we seem to be talking about the positive mainstreaming of the non-judgmental.

Read it all.

UPDATE: Out of the loop most of the day, but I see Fox and Rupert Murdoch came to their senses in putting the kibosh on this travesty.


cowboyannie said...

People voyeuristically gawking at the no-doubt murderer of a young mother and her casual friend, for fun and profit, are mentally screwed up.

People reveling in death - what are we? Muslims?

Anonymous said...

I'm sick of O J!