Saturday, November 18, 2006

Saddam Follows OJ's Lead

If you enjoy sites that mercilessly skewer the left, then The People's Cube is for you.

A hilarious piece has Saddam Hussein taking the cue from OJ. Read it all. And check out some of the other features while you're there.

Saddam Hussein, a long-term admirer of OJ Simpson's life story, has most recently followed his icon's example, releasing a shocking new book titled If I Had Weapons Of Mass Destruction, in which he outlines how his illegal weapons would have been hidden - if he had them. The controversy surrounding Saddam Hussein's removal from power surfaced again this week when, just in time for November television sweeps, former Iraqi leader revealed that he will participate in a two-part Fox television special and release a book that will give a "bone-chilling account" of how he could have moved the WMDs to Syria using advisors from the Russian intelligence.

As an added bonus, Mr. Hussein promises to share with world audiences how he could have used the eight billion dollars he had schemed out of the Food For Oil program to pay off world governments, politicians, media organizations, and leftist activist groups, to organize the largest anti-American campaign since the fall of the Soviet Union - using the methods and infrastructure offered to him by the same well-paid ex-KGB group of advisors.


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