Tuesday, November 07, 2006

He Overslept and Missed Rocking the Vote

Now this would have been a great October surprise if Rove could have pulled it off on a grand scale, especially with the slacker vote, which, according to exit polls hates Bush, has no idea who Nancy Pelosi is, and just wants to get stoned and pig out.

A rare syndrome that typically strikes during adolescence can keep sufferers asleep for days, sometime as many as 14 days, according to a Local 6 News report.

The report featured central Floridian Spencer Spearin, 20, who is sometimes afraid to shut his eyes. The Ormond Beach man was diagnosed with Kleine Levin Syndrome -- a rare but debilitating disorder.

Every four months or so, Spearin climbs into bed and sleeps for days or longer, the report said.

"I might not be with you for a couple weeks," Spearin said. "I missed my birthday. I missed my graduation. I can't remember what I ate yesterday. I can't remember what I did yesterday."

On the upside, he doesn't look a year older.

Many times, the disorder appears after a flu-like illness.

Dr. Emanuel Mignot said patients suffer from periodic episodes of extreme sleepiness and abnormal, child-like behavior.

Translation: They wake up with a sudden urge to write a Kos diary.

Just think of the ramifications if a wave of sleepyhead swept the left. Hordes of groggy moonbats would've awakened on Thanksgiving babbling about nightmares of Diebold machines chasing after them, causing more arguments than usual on Thanksgiving.

On the other hand, if some of these exit polls tonight are to be believed, I might want to take an extended nap.

I doubt I'll be awake more than a couple more hours and I'll sleep like a baby.

Every couple of hours, I'll wake up crying.

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