Monday, November 06, 2006

Election Prediction: Not a Stretch

As we close in on election day, I'm going to predict a net loss of one Senate seat for the GOP: Mike DeWine in Ohio and Conrad Burns in Montana losing and Michael Steele picking up a Democrat open seat. Robert Novak's latest projection is two seats, but I'm getting a strong hunch about Rick Santorum's massive GOTV efforts and his rapidly closing numbers, the latest at 4% down. Bob Casey is such a lightweight and I expect a strong rural turnout.

Perhaps I'm spitting in the wind, but it's just my gut feeling.

Michael Steele has run a tremendous campaign and will be a star in the GOP, even if the media condescendingly ignores or belittles him.

In the House, I'm sticking with a -12 loss for the GOP. I've been stuck on that number for awhile, and just don't see the doom others are forecasting. On FNC tonight, the panel (Barnes, Kondracke and Kristol), all had the GOP losing at least 20. I'm not seeing it.

So in the end, I figure the GOP retains both houses, and a massive freakout ensues come Wednesday from the usual suspects.

Hopefully, Nancy will be looking down come Wednesday.

UPDATE 11/7 8:38 pm ET

Oh well, Santorum went down quickly, so I was spitting in the wind. FNC is projecting Menendez to win in NJ as of 8:35 pm ET. Menendez is so corrupt (yes, a corrupt Democrat in NJ), he probably won't last the six years.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jammie, looks good.

With your high quality of work, I'm sure this will be a success.

3 wood

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Hey Jammie,

Fellow LGF'er, enjoy your posts there. Good job on your blogroll, to put LGF first. Some don't do that; I don't know why.

Also: You are one of the few to make a positive prediction re: election results. Well done and I agree.

wild olive

JammieWearingFool said...

wild olive,

I put LGF first because it's my favorite site and without it, I wouldn't have had the inspiration to do this. Charles was so kind as to link me, and some fellow LGFers have also done that, which is greatly appreciated. I thought about alphabetizing the links, but there's not necessarily any preferred order.

Thge list will continune to grow. If others want to be linked, please email me.

Thanks for commenting.

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Hello aussiemagpie,

Nice to see my friends from Oz. I've gone intercontinental!

Hope you enjoy my posts and thanks so much for stopping by.