Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Giving Thanks

Living in the best country in the history of the planet is more than enough to be thankful for and I always give thanks for each day I can enjoy. Which is why I cannot understand the rampant America is bad mentality and the annual PC harangues about the evils of Thanksgiving.

Just this morning I heard the kvetching by an insipid NYC politician claiming one in six New Yorkers goes hungry. Nonsense.

So I prefer giving thanks, like those here and here.

When you sit down tomorrow with family, be happy you're not a perpetually angry moonbat consumed with rage, unable to be grateful for what they have, rather than obsessing over what they don't and who has more.

Be thankful and proud to be an American.


BabbaZee said...

Nice blog, Jammie.

I have mixed feelings about Thanksgiving.

Of course I love it
as we all do,
it's a treasure from childhood ~ like egg creams x 10,
only better.

But in my world view
if you don't wake up
and give thanks that you
breathe another day
you are living without gratitude, which leaves you unarmed.
Gratitude is a weapon.
Just ask King David.

People who make such a big deal out of the fact that they are going to take an entire day out of their very important lives to specifically give thanks
are selfish, stingy, small.

Thus they lead the selfish stingy and small life and their thanksgiving is dysfunctional bullshit.

I say give thanks
with every breath,
And Gratitude is your weapon.

Give it not
and you are
an unarmed performance artist.

Happy Thanksgiving
my Bronx brother.

Anonymous said...

With the passage of time, I have become ever more aware of just how important "family" is. I can look at fading pictures from decades ago of loved ones now gone and be very thankful for the world they built for me and my children. I'm sure descendents yet unborn will be looking at pictures of me decades from now and be seeing themsleves in the image. I often worry about what kind of a world I will be leaving them. I hope they will be happy that I came this way.

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all.
Please, drive safe.

Urban Infidel said...

Always proud to be an American.

Thank God for America.

Anonymous said...

Proud AND thankful to be an American too!