Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Did Nancy Pelosi Hire Illegals?

It's generated nary a blip on the antique media radar, but Hot Air has video, as well as several links within the piece.

Linda Chavez was jettisoned for hiring an illegal and I recall one of Clinton's first names floated for Attorney General was kiboshed for an illegal nanny. Kimba Wood, IIRC, or perhaps his second choice, whose name escapes me.

Times are different though. Democrats can do anything, get away with anything. It doesn't matter. They have the protection of the media. Pelosi could have stocked her ranch with 10,000 illegals, and it wouldn't make a difference.

She's the anointed one. Coupled with her choice of John Murtha of ABSCAM fame for Majority Leader, and it appears two ethically-challenged individuals will lead the Democrats to further glory while the media turns a blind eye, more interested with where Pelosi gets her hair done and her feud with Jane Harman.

But, as things get tense between Pelosi and Harman over whether the speaker-to-be will appoint Harman to head that key committee, could they end up settling scores at ... the Four Seasons?

It turns out that both members are known to frequent the posh Georgetown luxury hotel. Pelosi likes to get her hair done at George's Salon in the five-star property ($220 for a haircut, highlights and blow dry ... not that we're implying Pelosi is a closet gray or anything). And Harman frequents both George's and the fitness center (one-time initiation fee of $6,000, monthly fee of $250 and a membership list capped at 250 people that has created a six- to eight-month waiting list).

Pelosi was just there last week in order to perfect her 'do in preparation for her victory lap on Tuesday. And, with Harman all but assured of getting denied her committee position of choice, she'll be itching for a good, stress-reducing workout at the Four Seasons any day now.

I doubt they'll be following her around when she's getting her Botox injections.

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Urban Infidel said...

That's a great picture.

Only $220 for a haircut, Nancy Pelosi? Compared to New York prices, its a mere bag of shells.