Sunday, November 19, 2006

Lerch Still on the March

He's like the thing that wouldn't leave. Just what the nation is asking for more of: An idiot who can't tell a joke. Maybe because he is the joke.

Sen. Kerry still considering 2008 White House bid

In an interview on "Fox News Sunday," Kerry was asked he had given up on a presidential run after the flap over his comment to students that they could "get stuck in Iraq" if they did not study hard enough.

"Not in the least. I am looking at it in the same way. The people that I have talked to across the country, my team's confident and strong. I don't know what I'll do.

"I've apologized [he did? - ed.] and we have to move on to the real issues that face this country."
UPDATE: Hot Air has the video. He blames the Republican attack machine. But of course.


Forzavryheid said...

John Kerry is seriously the biggest dork out there- must be part of the evil Hillary Clinton plan to make people think all Democrats are boring weird looking, rubbish joke tellers and then


Out she comes and they realise that hey..... ALL DEMOCRATS ARE WEIRD LOOKING, RUBBISH JOKE TELLERS!

cowboyannie said...

I loathe every little thing about this man. His face, his voice, his shoes, his wife, his choice of breakfast cereals. You name it - I loathe it.

Vietnam is on your head J F*in K.

You can't die fast enough for my liking.