Tuesday, December 19, 2006

American Al-Qaeda Nabbed in Belize

Not seeing this widely reported this morning, but an American fugitive with links to Al-Qaeda has been nailed down in Belize. To save on transportation costs, I suggest shipping him directly over to Club Gitmo. h/t J.D.

Another U.S. fugitive arrested, this time tied to terror
The Belize Police Department has bagged another U.S. fugitive. This time, however, instead of a tax dodger, bigamist or sex offender they hit the jackpot, nabbing a suspect with ties to the world of terrorism. Forty-one year old Ernest James Ujaama and Bilal Ahmed, violated parole in the United States by leaving the country and a wanted poster was circulated through Interpol by U.S. law enforcement authorities. According to Assistant Police Commissioner Eduardo Wade, that's when our cops started looking.

A.P.C. Eduardo Wade, Belize Police Department

"As a result of this request the police conducted an investigation and some time around midnight last night or earlier this morning this fugitive was apprehended here in Belize City. He has since been taken out of the country. He entered Belize about ten days or so ago using a Mexican passport. During the operation Inspector Grinage, who headed the operation, received some injuries he was treated and released as this fellow attempted to escape during his apprehension."

UPDATE: Hot Air has more.

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