Wednesday, December 20, 2006

White House Press Corps Hits New Low

Michelle Malkin has an account of the badgering of Tony Snow by the esteemed White House press corps following the announcement First Lady Laura Bush had a skin cancer tumor removed in November.

The insanity is being stoked at the New York Times, which is suffering full-blown Laura Bush Derangement Syndrome, and in the hyperventilating British press.

These people need serious help.

I wish the First Lady a full and complete recovery. You can send your good wishes here:

I don't ever recall The Pantsuit being the subject of such an interrogation, even when there were investigations and grand jury appearances during the myriad Clinton scandals.

Even at the height of the Lewinsky affair, we were repeatedly told it was a private matter.

So if the media is so concerned with full disclosure of health records, let them shows theirs.

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