Friday, December 15, 2006

Miss USA Firestorm

I saw this report while watching FNC this morning, and host Gretchen Carlson mentioned that she was a Miss USA back in 1989, which I was completely unaware of. Anyway, putting this story out there gives me an excuse to run this nice cheesecake photo of the reigning Miss USA, who apparently has come to enjoy the NYC nightlife a bit too much, or so they say.
Miss USA's hard-partying lifestyle has landed her tiara-clad head on the chopping block, with pageant boss Donald Trump on the verge of telling the beauty queen: "You're fired!"

Tara Conner could be dethroned as Miss USA 2006 within a week if Trump decides "behavioral and personal issues" have made the small-town Kentucky girl unworthy of the crown, pageant honchos revealed yesterday.

Those issues include Conner's alleged substance abuse, failing to make Miss USA promotional appearances, chafing at other obligations, and nonstop nightclubbing at Big Apple hot spots, said sources close to her and the situation.

"She makes Paris Hilton look like a baby," said a source, who confirmed Conner's conduct has been a concern since summer.

UPDATE: Hot Air is reporting she's going, going, gone.


Spitfire Murphy said...

Another excellent role model for the young girls in our country.

What's the over/under on her porn debut?

Urban Infidel said...

Whatever happened to just being a lady?

Come on, we CAN do better than this!