Thursday, December 14, 2006

Lerch Wants "Dialogue" With Iran and Syria

First of all, I am so sick of the word dialogue being used whenever the left wants us to grovel and pander to our enemies. As if having dialogue is going to make them hate us any less. Clinton loved dialogue, and look where that got us.

Anyway, the hapless Lerch, a week late to the party, as usual, decides to also use the faulty Reagan analogy about having talks with the Soviet Union. Another time, another enemy. That dog don't hunt.
U.S. Senator John Kerry, the Democratic candidate for the presidency in 2004, said on Thursday the U.S. administration should engage in dialogue with Syria and Iran.

"I think it's important to talk and have dialogue, but you don't give up your principles and you don't make deals that are against your larger interest," Kerry told reporters after talks with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

"Syria needs to understand that and Iran needs to understand that, but I think it's important to begin a discussion," added Kerry, a Massachusetts senator.

Kerry, who is considering a second bid for the U.S. presidency, cited the example of late President Ronald Reagan calling the Soviet Union "the evil empire" but not hesitating to negotiate with then Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev.

One problem with him citing Reagan is he opposed everything Reagan did. But I guess he figures we all have short memories.
Kerry left the Uunited [sic] States on Wednesday for a nine-day visit of the Middle East, including Iraq, and a meeting with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, but not a visit to Iran.

Oh, I'm sure he'll be warmly greeted by the troops in Iraq. Why bother?

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, right.

And we should have had dialogue with japan after Pearl Harbor too.

I question their patriotism.