Saturday, December 30, 2006

From Feminazi to Islamonazi

Check out the history of this hag in a bag.

She was presented by Channel 4 as an authentic - but anonymous - voice of moderate British Islam.

And on Christmas Day the veiled woman described only as "Khadijah" was given a national televison platform for propagating her views in an "alternative Christmas message" designed to rival the Queen's.

She told viewers Jack Straw was wrong to criticise the veil, claiming concealing facial features "liberated" women.

But the Daily Mail can now unveil "Khadijah" - and reveal that she is in fact Elaine Atkinson, an English convert to Islam who travels the country working for a radical muslim group trying to take political control of Pakistan.

And despite her presentation by Channel 4 as a moderate, in the past the 38-year-old has described non-believers as "rats in cages going round on a treadmill" of consumerism, and declares she would like to see Britain's pubs converted into mosques.

Since going through an islamic marriage ceremony with a British-born muslim of Pakistani origin, Miss Atkinson - a fromer [sic] radical feminist - has become known as Khadijah Iqbal.

LGF has more.

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