Monday, December 18, 2006

It Takes a Village Full of Idiots

Has it been ten years already since The Pantsuit's ghostwritten tripe came out? Apparently so, as Hillary Rodham is re-releasing It Takes a Village, complete with a new cover and airbrushed photo. All part of her campaign, no doubt. Michelle Malkin has a roundup, including Amanda Carpenter from Human Events.
Hillary Clinton's decision to "reissue" her decade-old book on government policy and childrearing, "It Takes a Village," should be a red flag to anyone who thinks she's moderated her hard-left views since the days of "HillaryCare."

On Wednesday, Hillary will be hawking her book on "The View" with gay rights activist Rosie O'Donnell, who mothers four adopted children with her "partner" Kelli Carpenter. To warm up Rosie, Hillary should immediately refer to her June 2006 vote against a constitutional ban on gay marriage.

Perhaps Her Thighness can ask O'Donnell to do that knee-slapping Chinese impersonation she's so fond of.
Hillary's ideal place to raise a child is "modern and inviting" and "makes caring for children a top priority." According to Hillary, this place is France. In the book, she cheered France's systems, which were so effective that "it's no wonder that so many French parents--even mothers who do not work outside the home--choose to send their children to these government-subsidized centers." (Most children in France become full-time students before reaching the age of three.) Contrastingly, she lamented that the programs aren't replicated in the United States because "the price for such generous social programs is felt across the board in higher taxes." Enviously, she wrote, "What I do believe, however, is that the French have found a way of expressing their love and concern through policies that focus on children's needs during the earliest stages of life."

No word on whether French immigrant "youth" who spend their time rioting and burning cars would benefit from this epic tome.
By slapping a new introduction on her tired package of failed liberal daydreams, Hillary is putting lipstick on the pig of the fact she's devoid of any fresh ideas to take on the campaign trail. And for this reason, her ugly, bloated plans should be swiftly slaughtered again.

Get ready for a fresh media blitz with slavishly fawning interviews. A Village of Idiots shamelessly groveling before their socialist icon.

UPDATE: Some fresh double-talk from The Pantsuit. Clinton Says She Wouldn't Have Voted For Iraq War

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