Friday, December 15, 2006

Blowhard Algore Urges More Activist Science

I'll have some of what he's having. The bloated almost-POTUS is somehow unaware that activist science is why the myth of global warming is so prevalent. His absurd scareflick may have also contributed to all the hot air. Nonetheless, the almost-lifelike Algore has decided to further lecture scientists to put aside objectivity, neutrality and scientific fact and become more active.
Former Vice President Al Gore said Thursday there was a "temptation" to suppress scientific findings that don't agree with policy and urged scientists to take a more active role in communicating research with the public.

Without specifically naming the Bush administration, Gore lamented at a gathering of earth and space scientists that policymakers used to take science into account in their decision-making, but not anymore.

"Earth science has been singled out" and ignored by government, particularly work dealing with climate change, he said during an hour-long speech during the American Geophysical Union meeting.

Yes, that obviously was one primary issue Bush campaigned against. The scourge of earth science.
Some scientists and climate models are predicting that unchecked human-caused global warming over the next century is expected to raise sea levels and cause extremes in temperatures.

Gore, who stars in the global warming documentary "An Inconvenient Truth," urged scientists to educate the public about what he calls the "climate crisis" and to summon the courage to fight back when "important truths are being ignored, resisted or censored."

Gore did not take questions from scientists or reporters.

So he can lecture people about being ignored, resisted, or censored, yet won't take any questions. What a standup guy.

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Radish said...

...and activism isn't Science, but don't let that old-fashioned notion of words meaning things get in the way of a good bloviate.