Friday, December 15, 2006

Malkin Going To Iraq?

Much discussion has erupted the past couple of days since Eason Jordan announced he was launching a site devoted to Iraq coverage. Then Michelle Malkin offered to go along in search of Jamil Hussein.

Malkin now has the update.
There are people on both sides of the blogosphere who think this is some kind of joke. Others are using it as yet another opportunity to hurl slime, hate, and stupidity. You want to see me shot in the face or dead. Ha, ha, ha.

I know that neither Curt nor my co-workers nor I--nor our families--is taking this lightly. There's nothing funny about this undertaking. When I have more I can tell you, I'll let you know.

In the meantime, you'll recall that two days ago, I noted Eric Boehlert's blogger-bashing screed about the AP six burning Sunnis/Jamil Hussein controversy, which was posted on left-wing Media Matters.

As usual, Michelle has scads of links.

This is quite the endeavor, and I trust she's given this careful consideration. There are those on the left who launched into their typical diatribes against her and it's the usual vile stuff. I guess when the Democrats speak of a new civility, their web gadflies can't hear them. But this is something that could possible open some eyes across the spectrum. I don't necessarily trust Jordan, but I know Michelle will be very wise about this and do things the right way. Who knows, maybe Jamil Hussein will pop up.

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